The Livorno Site
The Cheddite Livorno plant is immersed in the Tuscan countryside and spread over 50 hectares. Its main manufacturing activity involves the production of two important cartridge components, the wad and the base wad, and the loading of all types and calibre of hunting and shooting cartridges: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 410.
Cartridge Loading Unit
The Cheddite loading unit is the safest and most highly controlled unit at the Livorno plant, along with the explosives and powders storage units.
Every loading operator works on a manufacturing line, and as well as checking that the machines are functioning properly, they also take the necessary samples for testing to the ballistic desk.
A computerized station records all manufacturing data: productivity and machine downtime.
It is with these procedures that Cheddite can achieve maximum cartridge quality, the same quality that customers can find in every Cheddite cartridge of all gauges.
The Ballistics Desk
The Cheddite ballistics desk, validated by the National Ballistics Desk and equipped with the most sophisticated tools for ballistic parameter detection including barometric barrels for all smoothbore gauges (12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 e 36/.410), tests hundreds of cartridges every day.
From each manufacturing line of the loading unit, at regulars intervals, cartridge samples are taken to verify the ballistic compliance.
Each manufacturing lot is tested by the ballistic desk in order to maximize the ballistic performance. These trials, thanks to climatic cells, are made both at standard conditions of temperature and humidity (20°C and 60% humidity for 72 hours), following the CIP regulations, and at extreme conditions (very high or low temperatures and humidity) to verify ballistic consistency even in very different environmental conditions.