DRAGO: Drago is the latest Cheddite powder, and was developed to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market. Its great versatility, and the brilliance of its ballistic characteristics, make it one of the best powders on the hunting and shooting cartridge market. As for all the other powders, empty cases and wads, the loading of these components in the original Cheddite loading also guarantees a constant and continuous monitoring of their quality and conformity to the adopted specifications.
AQUILA: Aquila is the powder that made Cheddite famous in the field of hunting. Aquila, which has recently been re-elaborated using the most modern technology, keeps alive the traditions of generations of hunters, who have learned to know and appreciate it. Aquila is now also available for the shooting market and in all lead-shot dosages, in industrial packaging and in 1 kg. boxes for those manual loading enthusiasts.
GRANULAR: Granular is one of Cheddite’s best known powders. It springs from our vast experience in the sector, and recent modifications, with a new formula which has revised the chemical and morphological appearance, have elevated the product to the high quality level that is necessary to satisfy the different requirements of the loading market. The granular morphologic appearance combined with the physico-chemical properties ensure that the cartridges have very consistent ballistic results.