Historically hunting has been passed on as a tradition and a passion, and today it is an activity that highlights the relationship between the territory, the environment and one's cultural roots.
In Cheddite's opinion, today, after the conflict between those who have kept hunting traditions alive and those who deem nature as untouchable, a new concept of environment has appeared: increasing economic development is causing a progressive reduction of uncultivated green spaces and so too the possibility of game procreation; only environmental and natural resource preservation, through sustainable use, can preserve the fauna. In this context hunters, environmentalists, farmers and the government all have the same role, even if with different responsibilities: that is to be guardians of the future environment!
With this vision Cheddite has become a leader, in its role of leading cartridge manufacture, in the promotion of the hunting culture as a way to recover and promote local traditions, as a qualifying aspect of a new rural way of life and a new concept of country living, that sees nature not only as an object to be used intensively, but as a resource to use and preserve, in a close relationship with urban areas and with the fast pace of modern daily life.
Farm stays, hunting, environmental and gastronomic tourism, all have a single objective of economic development that guarantees the enjoyment of, and immersion in, nature.

Cheddite strongly believes that Shooting needs to be developed as a sport that is able to pass on the high ethical standards that are necessary in daily life. Cheddite asks this question: what lies behind the pleasure of shooting a clay target?
Many who are not involved in the sector would answer that clay shooting is just a way for hunters to train.
The reality is very different. Shooting offers an occasion to train for daily life:
to become responsible for one’s actions; every movement with a gun is an action that needs to be carefully thought out, as responsibility cannot be entrusted to others;
to maintain a high level of mental lucidity; with this Olympic discipline every second requires high concentration levels;
to not surrender to difficulties, but learn from them; victory is obtained by examining the reasons for a poor score or a defeat;
to get used to daily stress, the clay target is nothing more than a goal to aim at;
the final result is built on sacrifice and training is the foundation of success.
In view of the social benefits of this sport, it is Cheddite's intention, through the production of high quality cartridges, to promote and introduce this highly educational sport to new generations.