Environment and Safety
This policy represents Cheddite’s commitment to the environment and safety of the local community, its own employees and all the people who work at the Cheddite site; in particular, Cheddite is committed to respecting relevant pollution and accident prevention legislation and guidelines.
In line with its belief in Sustainable Development, to continue to be competitive and strengthen its market presence, to improve customer satisfaction and to pursue its growth objectives, Cheddite intends to maintain and improve the quality of its products while respecting its environmental and human resources.
The company’s commitment towards the environment and employee safety is achieved through the following management systems: planning of environmental and safety objectives, and the actions required to achieve these; execution of the planned actions; checking and planning of corrective actions: and the execution of corrective actions.
Identify environmental and safety improvement objectives so that the significant aspects can be managed.
Identify activities that have a significant environmental impact and plan ways to eliminate them, or where this is not possible, reduce these to a minimum.
Identify the activities that could be risky for Cheddite employees, or anyone who is working at the company site (e.g. maintenance people, suppliers, etc.) and plan ways to reduce the probability of incidents or accidents.
Communication, transparency and awareness of environmental and safety themes aimed at all the company's employees and the local community; with particular emphasis on the objectives to reach and the actions that need to be implemented.
Respecting the law: respect the applicable current ratified legislation, as well as those guidelines that the company has decided to adhere to itself.
Commitment to supplying suitable human and financial resources to allow the proper functioning of environmental and safety systems.
Consider the environmental and safety system and its results as an integral part of the company’s production and management system, particularly in the following activities: waste management, natural resource waste, plant maintenance, employee training.
Minimize the impact derived from activities undertaken: pre-evaluate, when possible, the environmental effects and those on safety that will be generated by all new activities and management changes, in addition to adopting all the necessary measures to prevent the waste of resources and accidents.
Checking and Planning Corrective Action
Periodic and systematic checking of high-risk activities and those that have a significant environmental impact.
Consultation with all personnel, especially the Occupational Safety Representative, both in the writing and revision stage of the Analysis Document and Risk Evaluation and in the system implementation phase, in a way that involves all levels within the company.
Commitment to verify the system’s suitability based on possible changes in the company size and the types of work contracted.
Putting in place Corrective Actions
Cheddite is committed to continuous performance improvement through the execution of corrective actions, which will be decided in the control phase, that are deemed suitable and economically appropriate.
These above-mentioned commitments are realised daily by Cheddite through the ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications.
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